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Prairie Winds Morgan Farm established in 1992

The history of our farm dates back to the year of 1985, when Duane Jenema bought his first Morgan stallion, Apollo, or Long X Apollo was his registered name. He was a tall liver chestnut with a perfect diamond on his forehead. The following year, Duane bought a Morgan mare named Lady, or Pennington Premadonna, a chestnut full of the old Morgan type. The two had a few foals together, but the farm didn’t really take off until after Lady was bred to a stunning black stallion out of Minnesota, named Chub Lake Bretson. Out of those two came the foundation stallion of the Prairie Winds Morgan Farm, Justin, or DBJ’s First Premier, born in 1992. Justin took after his sire and he is jet black like him. Being that Justin was the great grandson of Kingston, a well-known Morgan stallion from the 1950’s, Duane’s goal was to continue the Kingston line with everything he produced. A few years later, when Justin was grown, he was bred to another mare who also had the Kingston line in her, and in 1996 that result was Casey, DBJ’s Second in Command, the junior stallion of the Prairie Winds Morgan Farm.

The farm also didn’t start off with the Prairie Winds name right away, and it was known beforehand as the Heritage Morgan Farm. But after much consideration, around 2000, the name was changed Our herd began to grow once again in 2001 with a purchase of a palomino mare, Lady (Red Rose Lady Marigold), and yearling, Kealdra (Red Rose Sweet Nectar), whose lines run deep in Wyoming as ranch work horses. Unfortunately, we lost Kealdra in 2005 due to complications with a twisted intestine. With Lady adding color to the herd, we got more stunning foals like Cheyenne, born in 2004 out of Justin, our gelding Cody in 2006 out of Casey, and Granger in 2014 also out of Justin. After the passing of Kealdra, in the early spring of 2005, we purchased a bay Morgan mare, named April (Tiz-R Maybe April) who was used for 4-H rodeo and other equine projects and a great addition to the farm. Out of Cheyenne, bred to Casey, we have another junior stallion along with Granger, named Kristoff (2014), our first Palomino stallion. We’ve made a couple new additions in 2015. In February, we purchased a mare from North Dakota from the Prairie Hills Farm. With excellent bloodlines, Mira (Toroy’s Bit O’ Honey) has been a wonderful addition to the herd and will be used for expanding the herd through breeding. In November, 2015 we purchased a rare grey Morgan out of Nebraska, named Mystery. Already proven in the show ring, Mystery will be used for breeding and for riding and possibly more showing in the future.

The farm has moved a lot over the years, but with a recent move to Astoria, South Dakota, we hope to call this the permanent home of the Prairie Winds Morgan Farm. Take a look around the site and we hope you enjoy what we have here.
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